Network Innovations Global Connect services are one of the unique solutions we provide to give businesses and organizations the flexibility and cost management they need for morale calling, crew calling or for teams that need to share satellite systems.

From Military & Defense organizations to mining camps, merchant vessels, oilfield camp sites or other businesses with a cost control requirement, our platform allows you to manage not only voice calling by the minute, but also data by the megabyte.  You can assign cards individually or by department, and have them recharged monthly or expire when used.

Services are PIN-based to control usage of your satellite system including BGAN, FleetBroadband, Iridium and VSAT platforms.  Users or groups are assigned a PIN which can have a fixed limit or recurring limits to accommodate a variety of requirements.

The best part is that wherever you are on the planet, we can support you.  From installations of 5,000 people with internet cafe’s and a hundred phone lines, to individuals who need to be completely mobile with a laptop size satellite unit and and satellite telephone, we can support all these requirements with Global Connect.