Network Innovations provides airtime and bandwidth services for VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, Thuraya and Ligado Networks products. Programs are available to accommodate a variety of requirements based upon your specific usage scenarios. We have prepaid and post-paid plans, seasonal and project based options, morale and crew calling programs, as well as plans for individual systems or bulk plans for a fleet of satellite phones, or terminals. Network Innovations can help you with selecting the right airtime or bandwidth plan for your requirements and provide you with tools and information to help monitor and control usage.  Please click on “Activations” Button above to purchase more airtime or if you have questions or concerns regarding your airtime vouchers.


Network Innovations can provide VSAT bandwidth on a world-wide basis. We can provide both shared service and dedicated bandwidth options on a variety of platforms (HNS, iDirect, Newtec, Comtech), frequencies (Ku, C, Ka band) and network configurations (Star, Mesh, Point-to-Point). Capacity can be provided to accommodate a variety of needs from day-rates for satellite news gathering, to seasonal plans or multi-year terms for mining or military camps, SCADA and telemetry systems.

Mobile Satellite Systems

A variety of plans and programs for Iridium, Inmarsat IsatPhone, and Thuraya satellite phones. Prepaid and Post-Paid plans. Crew calling options and both One and Two-stage dialing platforms to optimize costs.

Inmarsat Airtime Plans

As a Distribution Partner for Inmarsat, Network Innovations offers services for all Inmarsat technologies including FleetBroadband, IsatPhone 2/Link Phone (GSPS), Inmarsat C, Inmarsat BGAN and Inmarsat IsatM2M.

Inmarsat IsatPhone Prepaid Airtime Vouchers 

Prepaid Units* Valid For Price
100 Units 90 Days $110.00
250 Units 180 Days $275.00
500 Units 365 Days $550.00
1000 Units 365 Days $1,100.00
2500 Units 365 Days $2,750.00
5000 Units 365 Days $5,500.00

* You are purchasing a pre-set number of units and not minutes. Calls from the IsatPhone to a US based cell or landline are billed at 1.3 units per minute. Calls from the IsatPhone to an International landline or cell phone are billed at 1.3 units per minute. Inmarsat reserves the right to change the units per minute rate.

Contact for more information or see Inmarsat Service Agreement for complete prepaid airtime information

Inmarsat IsatPhone Postpaid Airtime Service Plans

Package Rate Plans Economy* Basic* Saver* Emergency / Annual
Minimum Commitment (months) 12 12 12 12
Activation Fee* $50.00 $50.00 $50.00 $0.00
Subscription (amount / period) $43.40 / month $48.50 / month $63.90 / month $465 / year
Voice Allowance (minutes / period) 10 / month 20 / month 60 / month 30 / year
Voice, Per Minute        
Voice to Fixed – per Min $0.85 $0.85 $0.75 $0.85
Voice to Cellular – per Min $1.00 $1.00 $0.95 $1.00
Voice to Voicemail – per Min $0.85 $0.85 $0.75 $0.85
Voice to BGAN / FBB / SBB- per Min $0.85 $0.85 $0.75 $0.85
Voice to GSPS – per Min $1.10 $1.10 $1.10 $1.10
SMS – per msg $0.45 $0.45 $0.45 $0.45

* There is a one-time Activation Fee of $50.00 per SIM card per Plan (except for the Emergency plan, which does not have an activation fee).

** Note that the Network Innovations annual Emergency Plan is for customers who do not want to deal with monthly service fees, but want to ensure their phone is active and ready in case of emergencies. The emergency plan is paid by credit card once a year, in advance & includes 30 minutes of airtime, which may be pooled amongst all terminals on the account, per year, regardless of when the terminals are added to the account. The plan automatically renews year to year unless Network Innovations receives thirty days advance notice of cancellation.

*** The Voice Allowance includes minutes to fixed landlines.

Contact for more information or see Inmarsat Service Agreement  for complete postpaid information, terms, and conditions

Iridium Airtime Plans:

As a Distribution Partner for Iridium, Network Innovations provides airtime for Iridium Prepaid and Postpaid telephone services, Short Burst Data, RUDICS and OpenPort services.  NI also offers prepaid and postpaid plans for the Iridium GO! voice and text messaging device!

Iridium Handheld Prepaid Airtime Vouchers

Prepaid Minutes* Valid For Price Per Minute Rate
75 Minutes 30 Days $175.00 $2.33/min
200 Minutes 180 Days $539.00 $2.70/min
500 Minutes 365 Days $850.00 $1.70/min
750*1 Minutes 185 Days $800.00 $1.07/min
3000 Minutes 730 Days $3,250.00 $1.08/min
5000 Minutes 730 Days $4,750.00 $0.95/min
1 Month Extension 30 Days $69.75 n/a

Prepaid airtime is non-refundable. Rates shown apply to Network Innovations DP SIM cards only.

Due to a change in Iridium’s prepaid policy, effective December 17th, 2013, any unused prepaid minutes that you purchased more than three years ago will begin to expire from your account balance. Minutes purchased within the past three years will continue to remain available.

* Standard Prepaid Airtime can be used with Iridium GO! terminals, but will not receive specialized GO! Data rates. Standard Prepaid vouchers cannot be loaded to a SIM that was previously loaded with Iridium GO! Prepaid airtime without loss of minutes remaining.

*1 750 prepaid voucher cannot be recharged or extended. Recharging the SIM will cause all currently existing minutes and expiration period to be lost.

Additional global plans available, See Iridium Prepaid Service Agreement for complete details or contact for more information

Calls from any Iridium terminal to 8324 will be routed to the Network Innovations Support department.  These calls are free of charge from Prepaid and Postpaid SIMs.

Iridium Handheld Postpaid Airtime Service Plans

Plan Plan fee Included minutes per month SMS/Msg. Additional minutes (per minute) Voicemail 
Basic $61.25/Month 5 $0.65 $1.49 $0.83/Min
Welcome Plus* $61.25/Month 10 $0.10 $1.49 $0.83/Min
Saver75 $91.75/Month 75 $0.10 $1.30 $0.83/Min
Traveler150 $122.25/Month 150 $N/A $1.15 $0.83/Min
Value250 $215.75/Month 250 $N/A $0.99 $0.83/Min
Emergency Plus** $675.00/Year 0 $0.65 $2.00 $2.00/Min

There is a one-time Activation Fee of $50.00 per SIM card per Plan (except for the Emergency plan, which does not have an activation fee).

* The Welcome Plus plan is an introductory plan offered by Iridium for a limited time. It is available for new customers with the purchase of a new phone. This plan will be available for SIMs activated after September 1st, 2014. Existing accounts / phones are not eligible for this plan.

** The Emergency Plus plan is paid annually in advance by credit card and does not include any monthly airtime minutes. Each annual plan automatically renews on a year to year basis unless Network Innovations receives notice of cancellation 30 days prior to the renewal date. Data (email) transfer services are not supported for the Emergency Plus plans. Calls to other Iridium phones are charged at $2.00 per minute on the Emergency Plus Plan.

See Iridium Postpaid Service Agreement for complete information, terms, and conditions or Contact for more information

Iridium GO! Prepaid Vouchers

Voucher/Plan Valid For Price Per Minute Rate
400 GO! Data  / 200Voice Minutes 180 Days $539.00 $1.35/min Data$2.70/min Voice
1000 GO! Data / 500 Voice Minutes 365 Days $850.00 $0.85/min Data$1.70/min Voice
1 Month Extension*1 30 Days $69.75 n/a

*1 Extends the expiration date for 30 days without adding minutes to the SIM card. Multiple extensions may be purchased at one time up to 24 months.

Iridium GO! Prepaid rates are only available on Iridium GO! terminals.  Usage on a Standard Iridium Handheld will cause the usage units to revert back to Standard Prepaid rates.  Available for new Prepaid Accounts only.  Existing Prepaid balances cannot be transferred.  Iridium GO! Data call type pricing specific to Iridium GO! Access Number only using the GO! App.

Iridium GO! Vouchers reflect the number of GO! Prepaid minutes when used from an Iridium GO! terminal for GO! Voice / GO! Data.  For clarity, the 400 GO! Data / 200 Voice Minutes Voucher reflects 200 minutes of GO! Voice airtime or 400 Minutes of GO! Data minutes specific to the Iridium GO! Access Number destination from an Iridium GO! terminal.  Calls to other Iridium Data destinations will be charged at the standard Data rates.

See Iridium GO! Prepaid Service Agreement for complete details or contact for more information

Iridium GO! Postpaid Airtime Service Plans

Plan Plan fee Included GO! Minutes** Included GO! SMS** GO! Voice Minutes Add’l GO! Data Minutes** Add’l GO! SMS
GO! 5* $61.25/Month 5 0 $1.49 $1.00 $0.25
GO! 75* $91.75/Month 75 0 $1.49 $0.73 $0.15
GO! 150* $122.25/Month 150 Unlimited $1.49 $0.28 n/a
GO! Unlimited*** $152.75/Month Unlimited Unlimited $1.49 n/a n/a

* Iridium GO! Postpaid Data rates are only available when used on Iridium GO! terminals. Usage on a Standard Iridium Handheld will cause the usage units to revert back to Standard Postpaid rates.

** Iridium GO! plans include the indicated number of minutes of the specified type.

Iridium GO! Direct Internet Data minutes are specific to data connections to the Iridium GO! Access Number (88160000330) via an Iridium GO! terminal only. Connections to the    Iridium GO! Access Number via another terminal type or connections to another data destination via an Iridium GO! terminal will be charged standard data rates.

Iridium GO! Voice minutes are specific to Standard Voice services from an Iridium GO! terminal. Standard Voice services include Iridium – Fixed / Cellular, Iridium – Iridium, and Iridium Personal Mailbox Access. Other Voice destinations, Two-Stage Dialing and +1 Voice usage are not included in the allowance. The Iridium GO! 5 does not include Voice in the allowance.

SMS may be included, as indicated above.

*** Iridium GO! Unlimited Plan will be offered as a limited time launch priced offering with an unlimited number of GO! Direct Internet Data service and 150 minutes of included voice, as defined above. Iridium reserves the right to modify or delete plans as necessary. A complete copy of the Iridium GO!™ Unlimited Fair Access Policy may be found at

See Iridium GO! Postpaid Service Agreement for complete details or contact for more information

Ligado Networks

Network Innovations utilizes the Ligado Networks network for our SATRAD push-to-talk two-way radio service. Coverage is available across North America for two-way radio and PSTN telephone service via satellite.

Value Add Services

Crew & Morale Calling

Network Innovations provides crew calling solutions including scratch cards for voice and data that can be loaded in a variety of increments of voice calling minutes or Internet usage. These PIN based cards allow controlled crew calling through a variety of technologies including VSAT, BGAN, FleetBroadband and Iridium platforms.

Usage Controls

Network Innovations can establish traffic limits on most satellite platforms to help manage cost exposure on individual or groups of terminals or phones. Limits can be set that block traffic after a predetermined volume. Email alerts can be provided that report when traffic totals increase by a specified volume.

Private Network & Backhaul

To accommodate IP networking requirements, Network Innovations has an existing terrestrial backhaul and POPs that link into main Internet and PSTN facilities in Europe and North America. Our network can be leveraged for private backhaul as well as VPN services over public infrastructure.

EZ Call

The Network Innovations EZ Call number allows users to place calls from any location in the world to a satellite terminal at highly affordable rates. An EZ Call number is available for any satellite terminal offered by Network Innovations. Calls from a landline to a satellite terminal are charged at the rates set by your long distance carrier. These rates can vary between $7 per minute to $20.00 per minute depending on your carrier and the type of service. Network Innovations’ EZ Call service provides two options that offer an easy way to call your mobile terminal at known prices.

EZ Call One provides a standard telephone number directly linked to the satellite terminal. Phone numbers from various country codes are available, including Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States. Monthly fees and standard airtime charges apply.

EZ Call Two provides a US-based toll-free number and a 10 digit PIN code, which can then be used to call any satellite telephone number via a two-step process. Standard airtime charges apply with no monthly fees.

EZ Call Two Instructions

EZ Call Service Activation