Electric Cooperatives and teams working in remote locations rely on communications and connectivity to provide reliable cost-efficient services to their customers over large geographic areas.  Network Innovations understands the efficiencies needed for rural electric cooperatives to deliver uninterrupted service while managing costs, crew, and customers.  Satellite Connectivity Solutions are not only highly-reliable and efficient but are scalable based on the individual needs supporting crew welfare, remote metering, disaster back-up, and reduced down-time.  When traditional communication infrastructures are not supporting your cooperative’s needs, satellite connectivity allows:

  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Dedicated communication with teams in the field
  • Track, Monitor, Manage business assets
  • Enhance crew welfare and safety
  • Increase operational efficiencies
  • Reduce people and equipment downtime


Utility companies choose Network Innovations for our knowledge, expertise, and service. Read how our BGAN M2M solution allowed one rural electric to cut-costs, save man hours, and improve services:

M2M Solutions – BGAN M2M terminals and modems from Cobham, Hughes and Inmarsat deliver reliable lower-cost communications via robust, rugged terminals.  Whether the need is for data speed 500Kbytes to 50Mbytes or device interaction on an IP session, BGAN Performance, Coverage (Inmarsat I-4 Network), Ease of Use (Plug N Play), and Network Reliability (Backhaul) is the perfect solution where low hardware and airtime costs enable managers to have full visibility and management of costs and budgets.

Crew Welfare – Satellite Connectivity is all about safety and security whether teams are out during natural or man-made disasters or at remote/high-risk areas.  Teams and individuals are just a call away with Satellite Phones (Inmarsat/Iridium) provisioned with GPS tracking, one-button SOS, and Push-to-Talk technologies.  Know where everyone is located at any time ensuring their safety.  Capitalize on existing handheld smart/cellular phones assets, use a Satellite WiFi device (IsatHub, GO!)  for instant hotspot and satellite connectivity at a fraction of the cost.

Interoperability – Connect your office communication center with field teams and individuals interfacing UHF/VHF, Cellular, Two-Way radio with Push-to-Talk (PTT) service.  The Iridium 9575 PTT handset and Network Innovations SATRAD MATRIX iSeries engage interoperability between communication technologies overcoming line-of-sight, distance, and access obstacles.

Disaster Back-Up Communications – Your infrastructure and staff probably operate using terrestrial or cellular services.  Many time these services can be compromised by natural disasters or man-made events.  Satellite communications is a reliable and effective emergency backup option for telephone, push-to-talk, Internet and SCADA applications.  Your best contingency plan for backup communications is to use satellite technology.  Whether it’s voice or data, Network Innovations can provide the right suite of technologies and services to ensure you can keep your critical operations running during times of crisis.