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In the most remote areas, what would you choose to take with you?

For one of the toughest treks going deep into the wilds of Africa, what would you choose to stay connected?  Imagine an 8-Day, 120km trek in 40-degree Celsius weather and each person carrying a 25kg rucksack.  This is team building extreme as John Peck takes groups of novice and intermediate adventurers into remote Southern Africa.

To ensure the group’s welfare while allowing them to expand their capabilities and experiences, John carries with him the Iridium Extreme Satellite Phone from Network Innovations.  With reliable, global pole-to-pole coverage, the Iridium Extreme can connect instantly using the one-touch SOS recovery button.  Small and slim to fit into trouser pockets, the Extreme Satellite Phone’s ruggedized case and long-lasting battery can withstand extreme environments letting John’s adventurers roam the world knowing they have an extra layer of security.  Find out more about the Iridium Extreme handset and the various airtime plans that fit anyone’s budget or contact a satellite phone specialist.