Network Innovations UK Releases “The Beast”

With the increase in natural and civil emergencies and their impact on business continuity and public safety communications, the Network Innovations United Kingdom (UK) office in Worcestershire has put their Mobile Satellite Communications Vehicle or Bonded Equipment and Satellite Technology Truck  “The Beast” into service.  “The Beast” is equipped with a Cobham Explorer 8100 Drive-Away VSAT (Ku & Ka-Band Capable) combined with a Peplink router & LiveU bonded uplink for dedicated, reliable connections where ever connectivity is needed. 

Supporting blue-lights, live-events, and broadcast media opportunities in the United Kingdom, “The Beast” is completely self-supporting (power/communications) able to provide fast 3G/4G or Satellite connectivity linking teams across town and around the globe.   “The Beast” is one more value-added solution provided by Network Innovations to our partners in the UK that can be called upon to help provide communications when and where it is needed.

To find out more about “The Beast” or to schedule a demo, contact