Network Innovations Partners with Cobham and Datapath Sending Emergency Response Team to battered Florida Keys.








News is pouring out daily illustrating the devastation and destruction that has stricken the Florida Keys.  With teams arriving daily and restoration starting, the news is beginning to have some rays of light.  Network Innovations partnering with Cobham and Datapath has deployed 5 Emergency Response teams into the Keys setting up stations in Marathon, Key West and the hardest hit areas Cudjoe and Sugarloaf Keys (location where Irma made US landfall).    The priorities for the five teams are to meet up with Red Cross, Homeland Security, National Guard, Monroe County Police and Fire Department.  The only communications available to all agencies and civilians are through satellite services.  The teams have already brought communications to Key West and Marathon police and fire in addition to setting up a communication station with the National Guard in Key West food lines where survivors can send emails or make calls to loved ones while they waited for food and water.  Moving throughout the keys in SUV’s specially equipped with Cobham Explorer 8120 VSAT, the teams are capitalizing on Network Innovations’ MAVERICK VSAT platform where high-speeds and burstable bandwidth are delivering on-demand communications to multiple agencies and NGO groups coordinating life-saving food, water, and equipment drop-offs. On top of the outstanding performance by the MAVERICK VSAT service, Iridium’s PTT handsets are providing a dedicated, interoperable link to all the teams as they coordinate complicated movement in areas that are utterly devastated.  As the long, hot days progress, communication and power are slowly being restored.  People are able to get their lives back and response teams are able to begin rebuilding the Florida Keys.  All the Network Innovation Group Team (IDG Europe, NIC4) are especially proud to be able to help our neighbors and partners throughout the Hurricane Irma Recovery.