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Network Innovations Hurricane Harvey Emergency Response Team

Hurricane Harvey flooding and damage has presented NGO/Aid teams with challenges far beyond immediate assistance to civilians and ground workers.  With infrastructure damaged or destroyed, the teams have to set up instant towers, hubs, and networks just to facilitate basic communications.  The Network Innovations team responding to requests from our NGO partners has dispatched an emergency response unit with a Cobham Explorer 8120 VSAT terminal operating over the MAVERICK platform that integrates Newtec’s Dialogue Hub providing multiple return technologies.  With scalable bandwidth’s and some of the highest speeds, Network Innovations’ MAVERICK platform can extend their services beyond NGO aid offering terminals and services to enterprise and consumers.  As added service, the emergency response truck is equipped with additional SatPhone Handsets, Satellite Wi-Fi hotspots, and VSAT terminals ready to provide instant connectivity where ever it is needed.

The Network Innovations team has seen first hand how important connectivity is to responder and survivor welfare.  Just being able to make a call, send a message, or get an update can make all the difference to people who have lost everything and those who are supporting them.