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Network Innovations Disaster Response Teams Coordinate and Deliver Relief Efforts

Did you know…

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina, in addition to the localized damage caused in South Florida, disrupted more than 3 million terrestrial phone lines and laid waste to terrestrial infrastructure throughout the gulf coastal areas isolating residents and crippling local businesses.

 In 2012, Hurricane Sandy knocked out 25% of the cell towers in the New York City area, flooded coastal New England towns and halted operations throughout Long Island

 In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria damage infrastructure, flooded homes and cut off many islands and mainland communities in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands, and the East Atlantic States. In some places, more than 95% of the cell sites were destroyed making relief efforts impossible for government agencies, NGO teams, and local first-responders.

 In 2018, Hurricane Michael slammed ashore in the Florida panhandle wiping out Internet, cellular and landline connectivity. 

 After each of these weather emergencies, Network Innovations was there, with teams on the ground, stationed throughout the impacted areas supporting coordinated relief efforts, getting fire/police departments online, enabling businesses to continue operations and linking residents to the outside world.

Even before the storms hit, Network Innovations was busy ensuring our customers, partners and communities were prepared.  With the official 2019 Hurricane Season beginning June 1, Network Innovations is a phone call or email away so you can:

Stay connected, informed and prepared!

Trust Network Innovations to be there before, during and after!