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Iridium PTT Crucial to Hurricane Irma Emergency Response Teams

How do you coordinate 5 teams in vehicles and on foot across a 50-mile area where terrestrial communications are not available? In addition, How do you allow these same teams to link up with their headquarters positioned over a hundred miles away?

You use Iridium PTT!!!

When the NI teams deployed in the Florida Keys with their partners Cobham and Datapath, they knew that they would operate in areas where the cellular service had yet to be reestablished. In order to maintain a dedicated, reliable communication channel, each of the team’s vehicles were equipped with an Iridium 9575 PTT. Using the external antenna and adaptor that comes standard with the PTT handsets, the teams were able to communicate and coordinate inside and outside of the vehicles. As an added convenience, one response team was able to utilize an ASE Bag Dock and a portable docking station with a conventional “potato mic”.

From the NI US Headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, technicians monitored the remote teams movements and activities using an Iridium PTT handset in a Beam fixed docking station. Having the 5 vehicles and the NI US headquarters on the same network was invaluable to ensure that the team’s movements and activites were coordinated. The network created a communication system where remote teams and home office were able to coordinate team alignment with NGO/Emergency Response units as well as NI resupply vehicles that delivered additional Iridium Handsets and SIM cards.

Even when cellular service started to come back in the more densely populated areas, the Iridium PTT handsets allowed the teams to venture into remote and isolated areas without having to be tethered to the vehicles. The Iridium 9575 PTT handsets were crucial to the Hurricane Irma emergency response activities ensuring survivors and response teams could Communicate, Anywhere!