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Introducing Portable Inmarsat “HDR” Satellite Terminal with Bonded Cellular Technologies

Pompano Beach, FL, April 2, 2013 – With hurricanes looming on the East Coast & in the Gulf, news breaking in disaster-ravaged countries, and wars raging in remote theaters throughout the Middle East & Africa, the need for truly portable satellite equipment is greater now than ever for news organizations— especially when Cellular or Internet networks are not available.  As part of its ongoing response to this need, Network Innovations, a leading global satellite communications provider, has introduced a new line of portable 4BX™ field kits— packaging portable satellite-Internet terminals and cellular-bonded systems — designed for backpack-based or vehicle-based Satellite News Gathering.

The 4BX™ kits represents state-of-the-art advances in portable satellite communications with optional video transmission technologies. Network Innovations bundles feature the latest smartphone, laptop or brick/hardware encoders, “Bonded-Cellular” systems as well as the new laptop-sized “BGAN” Satellite-Internet terminals.  The portable/backpack kits or vehicle/roof-mount solution easily enable most all IP-based applications such as live video streaming, file-transfer, e-mail, phone/IFB and web browsing.

“Now, one person can broadcast live video and audio from nearly anywhere in the world, carrying nothing more than a backpack,” said John Stoltz, Director of Media Sales for Network Innovations. “With our 4BX™ packages, a story can be transmitted for broadcast even when satellite trucks or cellular networks are not available.  Advancements in LTE and bonded cellular technologies have not reduced the need for guaranteed satellite bandwidth with mobility and affordability.”

Armed simply with a camera and a laptop or Bonded-Cellular backpack running the latest encoding software, and with the newest lightweight BGAN terminal, the Cobham EXPLORER 710, for satellite Internet, field users are able to encode, edit, and uplink archived or real-time video.  When utilizing the X-Stream and soon-to-be-released HDR (high-data-rate) dedicated broadband service via Inmarsat, speeds from 384Kbps to 650Kbps can be achieved.  Aggregating cellular with this HDR satellite IP service allows for reliable SD or even HD broadcasts.

These portable DNG systems exhibited by Network Innovations are the next generation of “mobile one-man uplinks.”NAB Tradeshow Network Innovations will showcase this technology at the upcoming NAB Show® in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 8 – 11, 2013 at their booth # SU10102.