Inmarsat FleetBroadband Multi-voice FAQ

FleetBroadband Multi-voice is a new capability on the Inmarsat FleetBroadband service, which allows up to nine simultaneous calls to be made through a single terminal. It is integrated into Inmarsat’s core network and delivered with the same outstanding voice quality customers currently experience with FleetBroadband.

FleetBroadband Multi Voice Quick Facts

  • Make up to nine simultaneous phone calls via a single FleetBroadband terminal
  • Ability to separate crew personal calls from operational communications
  • Increased access to Inmarsat’s low cost calling
  • Available to existing and new FleetBroadband customers

What options are available?

There are two options available when activating FleetBroadband Multi-voice:

  • Standard: FleetBroadband Multi-voice provides three additional lines for users of all FleetBroadband terminals, allowing a total of four simultaneous voice calls.
  • Enhanced: FleetBroadband Multi-voice provides the ability to scale up from the three additional voice lines provided in the Standard option, in increments of one voice line, up to a maximum of five additional lines.  Available on FleetBroadband 250 (FB250) and FleetBroadband 500 (FB500) terminals, it allows users to make up to nine simultaneous voice calls.

Who will benefit from FleetBroadband Multi-voice?

Vessels that require more than one voice line on board will benefit from FleetBroadband Multi-voice. It can be implemented according to vessel requirements – for example, the bridge phone can be assigned as the primary inbound calling unit, allowing the remaining voice lines to be accessed from the ship’s PABX network. Crew members can make personal calls away from the bridge using pre-paid cards, affording them more privacy and avoiding any disruption to bridge operations.

How can I access FleetBroadband Multi-voice?

FleetBroadband Multi-voice is available on new and existing FleetBroadband terminals. Existing users should contact Network Innovations to have this service activated on their current price plans.

At the time of service launch, Thrane & Thrane Sailor FleetBroadband users can access the service through a firmware upgrade to their existing terminals and using additional approved handsets. Other FleetBroadband users can buy a Basics Multivoice PBX developed by Vocality for FleetBroadband Multi-voice.

What are the tariffs?

When using FleetBroadband Multi-voice there is no change to your current voice calling tariff for either your pre-paid or post-paid calling. There is only a nominal one off activation charge at the time of FleetBroadband Multi-voice activation.