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Hurricane Season is Coming! What is your Back-up Plan? How will you stay Connected?

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Determine Your Backup Plan for Hurricane Season Now

Do you have a backup communication plan in case of a hurricane emergency? Are you prepared for your cell phone signal to die? If the power goes out, can you communicate with the outside world?

As you prepare for the hurricane season, enabling continuous access to communications should be among your top priorities. Make sure you add your backup satellite communications needs to your disaster preparedness plan. Do you need to upgrade your current satellite phone? Does your remote satellite antennae work? Definitely include satellite phone equipment on your list of storm supplies. You can test your satellite phone for free by dialing +1-480-752-5101 for Iridium and +870-776-999-999 for Inmarsat. Also, determine which information sources you’ll use during an emergency. Cell-phone networks could become jammed, and power outages can take down towers and even sometimes your land line service. When maintaining communications is a priority, satellite technology is your best option. Visit Network Innovations to learn more about our full range of backup satellite communications services!

Avoid service failure, stay connected and Communicate. Anywhere. Look to Network Innovations satellite communications solutions for emergency preparedness:

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