Global Adventurers stay safe, secure and connected using Network Innovations’ Satellite Phone Solutions

For John Peck, an ex-divisional commander in London, his life was entrenched in stressful and demanding situations.  He was able to translate his police experience into leadership/team development program designed for senior management teams.  John’s programs take leadership teams out of their comfort zones into remote adventure treks from as far away as the North Pole to some of the most remote places on earth.  While these programs offer their own unique set of challenges, one of John’s hurdles was to create a safety lifeline that allowed attendees to grow without sacrificing personal welfare.  Working with Network Innovations, John was able to learn about various communication options available and select one that offered reliable pole-to-pole connectivity, rugged form-factors, and cost-efficient airtime plans.  Using satellite phones from Network Innovations, John and his adventurers are able to go anywhere, connect anytime, and upgrade as needed.  Find out more about this amazing adventurer and Satellite Phone Solutions from Network Innovations.