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First GX/FX Terminals Live in the Americas on Inmarsat Global Xpress Network

After our groundbreaking live transmission via GX earlier this year with Sky News covering the Greek Elections and with CNN reporting on the Nepal Earthquake, Network Innovations (NI) is once again first to achieve connectivity on the Inmarsat GX network.

This time it is in the Americas with the first GX connection and demonstration in the United States on the new Inmarsat 5 F2 AOR satellite. Partnering with Inmarsat and Cobham we successfully connected and demonstrated the Explorer 5075GX, the SAILOR 100GX and the brand new SAILOR 60GX at a VIP Cobham event in Orlando. The guests were able to see all three terminals go live on the latest I5 satellite to come online and see the GX service in action, including on the impressive new Sailor 60 cm terminal that was unveiled in the Americas for the first time yesterday. “Being a leading partner with Inmarsat and Cobham throughout the Beta-Tests on both I 5 satellites has provided the NI team with valuable experience and knowledge that we will use as we launch GX/FX products and services globally in the next few months” said Eric Verheylewegen – General Manager Network Innovations. 

The testing and demonstrations of both GX and FX products and services on the I5 AOR will continue over the next weeks with a GX launch event at our Fort Lauderdale location next week, the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, Satcon 2015 and other events in the Americas.

 To learn more about the Global Xpress network and Cobham GX/FX terminals, contact the Network Innovations Team at