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Faster Satellite Internet with Filtering, Optimization & Packet Shaping Solutions

Fortigate Internet Optimizing

Network Innovations provides a variety of products and services that help to optimize the performance and costs of utilizing VSAT and BGAN satellite services.  We configure and install a variety of appliances and software tools that provide:

Filtering – To ensure compliance with your corporate policies for Internet access and to eliminate unwanted usage, our filtering systems help to block traffic to specific websites or types of websites, restrict access to specific IP addresses, and protect against threats against your network.

Optimization – Through compression and caching solutions we help to improve the performance and throughput that you achieve over satellite networks.  Our solutions enable you to achieve better performance without upgrading your bandwidth and therefore we help to reduce your on-going monthly operating costs.

Packet Shaping – Through prioritization of your network traffic, our packet shaping solutions optimize performance, improve latency and increase usable bandwidth for critical applications (e.g. VOIP, business applications).  We can also control the amount of bandwidth available to specific types of applications or network traffic to ensure you maximize your bandwidth for your most important applications.


FortiGate appliances provide enterprise-class protection against network, content, and application-level threats. Each FortiGate includes the widest range of security and networking functions on the market, including:

  • Firewall, VPN, and Traffic Shaping
  • Intrusion Prevention (IPS)
  • Antivirus/Antispyware/Anti-malware, Web Filtering, Antispam
  • Integrated Wireless Controller
  • Application Control & IPv6 Support
  • VoIP Support
  • Layer 2/3 routing
  • WAN Optimization & Web Caching


Exinda appliances maximize the speed and efficiency of applications over satellite networks.  Exinda’s unified performance management solution brings together a suite of advanced, best-of-breed, visibility, traffic-shaping and WAN optimization technologies into a single, easy to-use appliance designed to improve network productivity. Controlled through an integrated, unified management console, Exinda optimizes costs by allowing you to get the most out of your satellite network.

  • Identification – Layer 7, Heuristic & URL Classification, Anonymous Proxy Detection, Citrix Published Applications, Active Directory User ID, VoIP Codec
  • Performance – Application Performance Scoring, VoIP Mean Opinion Scoring (MOS), Service Level Agreements, Network Efficiency & TCP Health
  • Reporting – Real Time Monitoring,  Top Talkers/Top Conversations, Automated PDF Reporting
  • Quality of Service – QoS / Dynamic per IP / per User, Application Predictability, Bandwidth Guarantees & Limits, Prioritization, Traffic-shaping
  • Fairness – Bandwidth Management, Active Directory Integration, Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation, Over-subscription
  • Protocol & Application – Layer 4 TCP Optimization, Layer 7 Application Acceleration, SSL Acceleration
  • Caching –  Universal Caching, Data Deduplication, Compression, Video Caching, Dynamic URL Caching, Software Update Caching, Web Object Caching


The webXaccelerator appliance provides fast, reliable data compression, enabling users to realize up to 5x faster satellite Internet browsing. Data caching and compression capabilities speed up network access to data files resulting in faster download times which can produce dramatic airtime savings. Standard controls prevent airtime abuse and unwanted, costly transmissions. Optional pin-code sales to passengers, crew and other end users enables control of usage by individuals.

  • Broadband Satellite Data Routing – Works with any IP-based satellite, cellular or wired connection.  Firewall filtering by MAC or TCP/IP address and/or port number. Bandwidth shaping lets you prioritize traffic.  The webXaccelerator appliance provides comprehensive data router features with acceleration, user-defined access control, and simplified least-cost routing.
  • Satellite Router Failover and Ship to Shore Functions – Load-balancing, Automatic transparent fail-over from primary to secondary link assures smooth service delivery with no disruptions, Simplified least-cost routing prioritizes the data feeds you select based on cost.
  • Satellite Router Data Acceleration and Caching – Compression – delivers up to 5 times faster data than uncompressed rates. Caching – Shared web caching provides fast load times for commonly visited sites.
  • Satellite Router Access Control – Content filtering and reporting – block and log website activity by URL, IP address, and dynamic content. Access Code controls can limit groups or individual users by time, megabytes, or website white/black listing. Time or data based access codes control Internet Access. Peak/Off-Peak time slots can be chosen for access code usage. Real time status information by access code number. Detailed activity logs by access code number.

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