BGAN Product Release

Explorer 510 “Personal Satellite Hotspot” – Lighter, Tougher, Connected!

510 Field Photo 510 carry case image

In today’s connected world, access to Internet, Phone and SMS services are taken for granted. Communication users assume, in any location, that phone calls and data-services can and will be available. Unfortunately this is not always the case and wireless and terrestrial systems can be interfered, obstructed, or blocked creating dead zones that can halt communications and business activities. Utilizing Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN), connected through Inmarsat I-4 global satellites, users have cost-effective and scalable options to stay connected, anywhere.

If you were on a mission or project in a remote area, what would you want to have in your pack? You would want something portable, rugged, and useful like an Explorer 510 BGAN by Cobham. You only have so much room in your backpack or cases where you need to carry gear and supplies. Using the Explorer 510 BGAN allows you to connect your smart phones, tablets and computers with satellite phone & Internet creating a “Satellite Personal Hotspot”.

Think about it, you are miles and miles away from the nearest cell tower or terrestrial connection and you are able to send and receive data and voice over a reliable, constantly available global satellite network. Even if the cellular towers are available, the roaming charges could wipe out your entire project/trip budget. Cellular/data “roaming” charges can be up to 50% higher than Explorer 510 charges. Furthermore, in the case of disaster, sometimes cellular or terrestrial network fail or become congested, the BGAN solution is ideal to maintain business continuity.

What would you want a compact, rough, rugged satellite Internet connection at half the cost of land/cellular systems or isolation, dead zone risk, and zero connectivity?

Communicate, Anywhere!