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Network Innovations’ philosophy is to support its Dealer Network with the necessary product information, sales and marketing support and customer service to make distribution of mobile satellite services a rewarding and lucrative business venture. Our goal is to supply our Dealer Network with mobile satellite equipment and service at the best possible value to both the distributor and the end users. We believe that Dealers need to invest in their businesses with finances, time and effort to command an effective return on investment. Once Dealers exhibit the ability to effectively sell and support any of Network Innovations’ mobile satellite services, Network Innovations will invest more time, effort and finances to help grow the individual Dealer’s business.


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Normally Network Innovations dealers start on a COD or cash basis. We do accept credit cards, but must charge a 3% credit card processing fee since we are selling equipment at very competitive dealer prices (and cannot afford the additional cost of money associated with credit card processing fees). Network Innovations utilizes Dunn & Bradstreet to provide credit reports for dealers requesting credit. It is important that the organization and address information on page one is clearly and completely filled out (including your D&B number if you have one).

Once you are approved as a Network Innovations Dealer you will receive a welcoming letter along with instructions on how to access the Dealer section of our website. Once you have logged into the Dealer Section you will have access to on-line ordering at dealer prices, as well as access to other useful information.

Network Innovations Dealers are expected to purchase a minimum of ten (10) handheld satellite phones, or four (4) Inmarsat terminals per year. If you fail to achieve these levels, Network Innovations reserves the right to revoke your dealer privileges and terminate this dealer agreement.

Network Innovations provides its dealers with residual payments on airtime that has been paid by the dealer?s customers toNetwork Innovations, these will be detailed on an accompanying statement sent on a monthly basis.

Network Innovations pays a 10% commission each month of that month?s airtime from each terminal registered by our dealers. Network Innovations bills airtime for the previous month on or about the 5th of each month and pays commissions by the end of that month on all current accounts. If a customer account is not current, the commission for that month will not be paid, and it will not be paid retroactively. Dealers will see a list of any customers that are past due because the corresponding commission will show as zero. Network Innovations will continue to pay monthly commissions to dealers until such time as the dealer agreement is terminated by either party. Network Innovations also reserves the right to adjust commission percentages from time to time to reflect changes in their cost of airtime and monthly service fees.

This Dealer Application is submitted by the undersigned (hereafter Customer), toNetwork Innovations (hereafter NI), to establish and obtain trade information, and/or credit information (if applying for credit terms). Customer agrees to make payment to NI for all amounts due according to established credit terms granted (IN WRITING) for NI Invoice(s). Customer also agrees to pay NI, as interest, an amount equal to 1.5% per month, or the maximum provided by law (whichever is less) for invoice amounts that are past due. Should Customer default in any such payment(s), NI shall have the right, without notice to Customer, to declare all invoice amounts due and payable. The terms and conditions of the sale of goods shall be made in accordance with NI terms and conditions referenced with the placement of the Customers Purchase Order. Customer and Customer?s authorized representative signing this application represent and warrant that the information provided in this application is true and correct in all material respects. Customer acknowledges that NI is relying on the accuracy of the information provided by Customer. Customer hereby grants to NI a security interest in any and all goods purchased by Customer from NI to secure any and all obligations of Customer to NI, including but not limited to, any obligation of payment. Customer agrees to execute any additional documents necessary to perfect or continue the security interest created by this application. By signing this application, the undersigned authorizes NI to contact them with marketing information, promotional materials and other communications or solicitations via email, fax and other methods.

I hereby authorized Network Innovations Inc. to make credit inquiries and receive information about my personal or corporate credit experience from others, such as stores, other creditors and credit reporting agencies.

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