New BGAN M2M Options for 2016

Starting in Q1/2016, BGAN M2M customers will have a new terminal option to consider for their SCADA and M2M applications.  Pending Cobham’s release, the EXPLORER 540 will support BGAN M2M, Standard BGAN and Cellular connectivity.  Network Innovations will provide and support the EXPLORER 540 as well as the Hughes 9502 M2M terminals.  While all details […]

Explorer 510 “Personal Satellite Hotspot” – Lighter, Tougher, Connected!

In today’s connected world, access to Internet, Phone and SMS services are taken for granted. Communication users assume, in any location, that phone calls and data-services can and will be available. Unfortunately this is not always the case and wireless and terrestrial systems can be interfered, obstructed, or blocked creating dead zones that can halt […]