SUVs Take the Mobile Broadcast Market By Storm

IP-based vehicles with on-air appeal are big sellers to stations. Many use a combination of point-of-view cameras and bonded cellular transmission to deliver “live and drive” pictures as they move down the road, both of the surrounding area and the on-air talent in the cabin. Many also feature heavy station branding and integrated pop-up flat […]

Global Adventurers stay safe, secure and connected using Network Innovations’ Satellite Phone Solutions

For John Peck, an ex-divisional commander in London, his life was entrenched in stressful and demanding situations.  He was able to translate his police experience into leadership/team development program designed for senior management teams.  John’s programs take leadership teams out of their comfort zones into remote adventure treks from as far away as the North […]

Iridium PTT Crucial to Hurricane Irma Emergency Response Teams

How do you coordinate 5 teams in vehicles and on foot across a 50-mile area where terrestrial communications are not available? In addition, How do you allow these same teams to link up with their headquarters positioned over a hundred miles away? You use Iridium PTT!!! When the NI teams deployed in the Florida Keys […]

Network Innovations Hurricane Harvey Emergency Response Team

Hurricane Harvey flooding and damage has presented NGO/Aid teams with challenges far beyond immediate assistance to civilians and ground workers.  With infrastructure damaged or destroyed, the teams have to set up instant towers, hubs, and networks just to facilitate basic communications.  The Network Innovations team responding to requests from our NGO partners has dispatched an […]