First I-3 to I-4 Migration Dates Announced

Inmarsat will be migrating E&E services from the old I-3 satellites to the new I-4 satellites throughout 2018.  The only services that will be migrated are Inmarsat-C / Mini-C, Fleet77, Swift64, and Classic Aero.  The first dates for migration have been announced.  The first satellite to be migrated is I-3 Atlantic Ocean Region West (AORW) […]

Network Innovations Netherlands Moves to New Offices

Starting Thursday 1 March 2018, Network Innovations Netherlands is excited to announce their move to a new location in Eersel.  The newly constructed office building offers modern facilities in a clear line-of-sight area with comfortable state-of-the-art meeting spaces and convenient access to parking for our guests. The new address is:           […]

Network Innovations Named One of the First Certus Service Providers by Iridium

Iridium is moving fast bringing Certus to market with faster L-Band terminals extending the reach of terrestrial and cellular infrastructure regardless of location, terrain, and weather events. Network Innovations, a leading provider of Satellite Communication Solutions, is proud to be recognized by Iridium as one of the first Certus Service providers.   Capitalizing on strong industry […]

Phishing Goes Secure

Internet Phishing attacks used to be fairly easy to spot. The phishing communications were often full of grammatical or spelling errors, and linked to phony websites. Increasingly malware authors are changing up their game. They are cleaning up the bad English and hosting their scam pages on websites using secure https:// connections.  These secure connections […]

SOLAS Chapter II-2 Regulation 10.10.4 – (SAILOR 3965 Fire Fighter Radio)

Over the next few months, maritime communication channels will be filled with notices announcing SOLAS (Safety of Lives at Sea) regulation changes and asking if you are ready.  What is the new SOLAS regulation and what does it mean to me? – are probably just a few of the questions ship operators and owners are […]