Network Innovations Disaster Response Teams Coordinate and Deliver Relief Efforts

Did you know… In 2005, Hurricane Katrina, in addition to the localized damage caused in South Florida, disrupted more than 3 million terrestrial phone lines and laid waste to terrestrial infrastructure throughout the gulf coastal areas isolating residents and crippling local businesses.  In 2012, Hurricane Sandy knocked out 25% of the cell towers in the […]

Air Ambulance Aircraft Connectivity Improves In transit Patient Care

Network Innovations Aircraft Connectivity Solution improves patient care enabling constant contact between Medical Crew and Hospital. Continual advances in medical research now allowpatient treatment that just a few years ago that would have been impossible. These treatments are often very specialized and can only be performed at a limited number of very specialized hospitals. This […]

Scammers Shifting to Business SMS “Smishing” Attacks

As fast as online scams are blocked, Scammers are finding new ways to attack and penetrate networks and systems. Scammers are now shifting to SMS platforms as they execute Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks, since text messaging offers less visibility to the victim and more flexibility to the attacker. BEC attacks have traditionally centered around […]

Understanding Early Termination Fees

Reviewing airtime service agreements can be daunting with specific details, dates, and time lines detailed in the terms and conditions.  Whether the service agreement is with Inmarsat or Iridium, for Satellite Phones or BGAN’s, the Network Innovations team deciphers Early Termination Fee (ETF) details helping you to navigate airtime agreements a little easier. Early Termination […]

Swedish Police Overcome Distance and Natural Barriers with Satellite Connectivity Solutions

Sweden, a beautiful country situated in Northern Europe with an abundance of stunning landscapes and scenery, attracts hundreds of global adventurers annually to trek the wide-mountain range bordering Norway. For many years, the Swedish Police department has had to overcome natural obstacles impairing terrestrial radio connectivity. For an adventurer who had lost their way or […]