Cyber Security – What you say is as important as what you send!

With the increase in new Privacy Laws and telephone scams, financial and personal information security should be paramount when answering a telephone call as well as online. Would you give a stranger your house keys or your wallet? No, because you don’t know them.  This same philosophy should be applied to telephone and online activities.  […]

Network Innovations and Rock Seven form new tracking technology partnership

Rock Seven’s robust and versatile hardware to enable new, cost-effective solutions for Network Innovations customers UK-based Iridium Satcom specialist, Rock Seven, has teamed up with Network Innovations Inc. (“NI”) to supply the field hardware for NI’s expansion into IoT applications in the aviation sector. The reseller partnership with Rock Seven enables NI to provide a […]

In the most remote areas, what would you choose to take with you?

For one of the toughest treks going deep into the wilds of Africa, what would you choose to stay connected?  Imagine an 8-Day, 120km trek in 40-degree Celsius weather and each person carrying a 25kg rucksack.  This is team building extreme as John Peck takes groups of novice and intermediate adventurers into remote Southern Africa. […]

Network Innovations UK Releases “The Beast”

With the increase in natural and civil emergencies and their impact on business continuity and public safety communications, the Network Innovations United Kingdom (UK) office in Worcestershire has put their Mobile Satellite Communications Vehicle or Bonded Equipment and Satellite Technology Truck  “The Beast” into service.  “The Beast” is equipped with a Cobham Explorer 8100 Drive-Away […]