Beam/Inmarsat IsatDock2 Support Announcement

Products Affected:  IsatDock2 MARINE, IsatDock2 PRO, IsatDock2 DRIVE and IsatDock2 LITE Beam is recommending that IsatPhone2 Users update to Firmware Version 2.00.03 (users covered by the I-4 F2 EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) satellite region.  For users whose IsatPhone 2 handsets are currently on Firmware Version 2.00.01, this is a recommended upgrade.  For users […]

Hughes 9211 BGAN – Recommended Software Upgrade

15 June 2017 Hughes announces a recommended software version upgrade of all 9211 terminals to the new software release that is a required to fix a problem that has caused some hardware failures in the field. It also adds new features such as NAPT and adds support for the MEAS satellite. The software upgrader […]

Important Announcement – Iridium 9555 / 9575 Beam Docking Stations

Beam has announced that some Iridium 9555/9575 (Extreme) handsets when upgraded to the latest firmware version (HT17001/HL17001) and docked in compatible Beam docking stations may display the error message “USB Cable DISCONNECTED/USB Cable CONNECTED” preventing normal operation. Other issues such as the handset rebooting or switching off while docked may also occur. If you have […]

Iridium Direct Internet Software Upgrade Required

Effective 1 October 2016, Iridium Direct Internet will be undergoing an upgrade.  The Iridium Direct Internet Service is a data service where Iridium Subscribers are able to connect directly to the Internet by using the Iridium Satellite Terminal as a modem.  The service upgrade impacts Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7 and MAC IOS operating […]

Cobham and Hughes Firmware Updates

Cobham and Hughes have provided new firmware and software updates for several VSAT, FleetBroadband, and Maritime GX terminals.  The SAILOR® and Explorer updates are recommended addressing important software changes and bug fixes. The Hughes update is also a recommended upgrade as it includes MEAS satellite region support, improved Web MMI, and NAPT mode. For more […]