Inmarsat BGAN Launchpad Users – Upgrade to Latest Version

All Inmarsat BGAN users with land terminals operating in EMEA using LaunchPad should upgrade to the latest version of LaunchPad, which includes the Alphasat coverage map. Previous versions of LaunchPad are compatible with Alphasat but will display the I-4 F2 coverage for EMEA rather than the Alphasat coverage. (NOTE: No action is required for maritime […]

Inmarsat BGAN M2M – SCADA & Telemetry Service

Now available from Network Innovations, the Inmarsat BGAN M2M is a reliable, global, two-way IP data service designed for machine-to-machine management of fixed assets for SCADA and telemetry applications.

HNS 9202 BGAN Terminal – Two Thumbs Up!

Network Innovations’ technical team put the new HNS 9202 BGAN terminal through a series of tests and the results are very positive. Read on to learn more.

Why Your Business Should Be Using the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)

As businesses continue to expand and explore new developing markets, communication needs become increasingly complex. While traveling in remote locations, conventional forms of communication become obsolete. This leaves businesses searching for a solution that will provide the same quick, reliable, and most importantly, secure links back to their offices. The Broadband Global Area Network is this solution.