NI Satellite Inc. and NI Government Services contract all of their sales, service and administrative functions to Network Innovations.

NI Satellite Inc. and NI Government Services were established as separate entities to support Network Innovations acquisition of Ligado Networks ‘s retail business.

Network Innovations is a Ligado Networks  Distribution Partner & Service Provider for Ligado Networks Retail and Reseller/Dealer customers.  The Ligado Networks satellite service provides two-way, push-to-talk dispatch radio service across North America.  Network Innovations’ SATRAD products operate on the Ligado Networks network. Ligado Networks is often recognized by the names of the Ligado Networks satellites in operation: MSAT 1 & 2 and SkyTerra 1.   Services provided on the Ligado Networks network include:

  • Push-to-talk satellite radio service for dispatch operations via talk groups
  • Telephone/PSTN services
  • GPS tracking services
  • SMART talk groups for interoperable communications amongst public safety agencies

Visit our SATRAD section for more information.

NI Satellite and NI Government Services customers have full access to the entire suite of products and services that Network Innovations offers, allowing you to consolidate your purchasing and billing for all of your satellite communications related requirements.


NI Satellite Inc.
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NI Government Inc.
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