Emergency Planning

2016 Atlantic Hurricane Activity Picks Up

With Disturbance #1 moving into the Caribbean/US East Coast and National Hurricane Center projecting a 80% chance of development, now is a very good time to review your communication plans before the storm arrives.

Do you have Satellite Communication terminals like a SatPhone or Wi-Fi device?  Is the unit charged and activated?  Do you have airtime secured?

Perhaps a rental satellite phone would be more accessible for your family or business!  Being informed and connected even when the land and cellular lines are down is a key component to any plan before, during, and after the storm.

As we all keep an eye out over the next few days on this tropical disturbance, think about your storm plans and let us know if Network Innovations can be of any assistance with your satellite airtime and rental needs.

Test your satellite phone free by dialing 00-1-480-752-5105 for Iridium or +870-776-999-999 for Inmarsat.  Visit our Test Your Satellite Phone Information Page for more information.