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1000 Isatphone Pro’s and Counting for Network Innovations

IsatPhone in use

IsatPhone Powered On


Network Innovations continues to top the ranks with their Isatphone Pro sales, as well as activations. This weeks achievement of activating their 1000’th Isatphone Pro is a tremendous accomplishment in the industry and shows their commitment to ‘effectively’ bring the latest in satellite communication products to market.

Network Innovations provides customers with a one stop solution for products like the Isatphone Pro. With a tremendous support team and offices around the world, Network Innovations provides an unmatched offering of hardware, airtime, customizable integration and customer support.

“NI is extremely happy to have reached the 1000 activation mark in the short period of time since Inmarsat’s June product launch.” Says Jon Klein, General Manager of Network Innovations. “Customer excitement over the new phone has exceeded expectations, and another surge of activations is expected as four versions of docking stations for the handset hit the market this month.”

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